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Sue, Steve & the hard working staff (See below) welcome you to our Store!

Welcome to Cozy Book Cellar

 Real Books for Real People!
Over 25,000 Used Books, DVD Movies, Music CD's, Software and more!! 

Popoki has a memorial Facebook page that tells the remarkable story of his nearly twelve years.  Click on his picture below to pay him a visit.



While taking an online course on how to pack books more carefully, Juni pauses to wash Cinnamon's head.  Popoki always loved to sort out the new books that came in.  He was an artist at laying out the new inventory all around him in unique patterns before eventually losing interest and deciding a nap was in order.

Kamoa Moa and Popoki became best buddies of all time.  They had a hard and fast rule.  For every 10 minutes they would work in the bookstore, they would snuggle together for the next 50.  Juni has always been an expert at finding hiding places as soon as the work bell sounds.  As she often says, "Daddy, you can't see me because I made myself indivisible."  The reply is always the same.  "Juni, you're right.  You are indivisible."


Popoki loved using this purple flower pot as his water bowl every morning.  If it didn't rain overnight to give him fresh water, we had to sneak out and put fresh water in it before he got out there, along with an ice cube or two just to top it off.  Luckily, we stopped short of spoiling him...   Nothing is as exciting during the work day as a new UPS delivery.  Unfortunately, the delivery often turns out to be ten cartons of bubble mailers and boxes instead of the ten boxes of Scooby Treats Juni keeps thinking she is ordering. Parental controls on the computer come in handy sometimes.


Cinnamon can get the lid full of hardcover books onto the carpet, but she can't quite figure out how to get the carpet into the bookstore.  Her mind often puzzles over these engineering dilemmas.  Juni starts each day by carefully reading the instructions left for her.  She does not appreciate at all when they are in Japanese, although her Mom has taught her how to translate the ones in Spanish.

When Popoki wasn't working in the bookstore, he ran Camp Popoki outside.  From his deck perch he could survey the entire camp.  Every day he would invite all sorts of critters from the neighborhood and woods to come visit and stay for breakfast or lunch.  Kamoa Moa, Popoki and Cinnamon often got together to watch some of the Camp Popoki guests, including Betty the Baby Bunny, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom and Elizabeth-Ann, the wild turkeys, Edgar the Butterfly, Sammy the Snake and just about everyone except Freddy the Freeloading Fox.

  During the winter, Popoki and Kamoa would ask to go outside to check on the shipments waiting to be picked up by the post office.  Strangely, they could usually be found hanging out on their fence together instead. Meanwhile, Juni would be inside trying to warn us that we had piled too many books on top of her bookshelf, which doubles as a nap zone most days. 

 Note - Shipping of Grab Bags and books that weigh over 2 lbs. to Canada and other countries need to have the shipping quoted separately

Note  Grab Bags are NOT available for Priority/Expedited Shipping


Mr. Kamoa Moa the Magic Cat (AKA Big Guy, AKA Mr. K) was the first employee at Cozy Book Cellar. He was adopted from a Dog Pound, which luckily had taken in a few cats as well. He had been abandoned near a senior center and was skin and bones. He was so loved by the dog pound workers that they fed him Scooby snacks all day long for two months. Mr. K likes to be slung over your shoulder so he can purr away and pretend he's on a throne. He's a giant marshmallow, sweet as can be, handsome beyond any photo, dignified and definitely in charge of the crew. Mr. K is Shipping Manager. 

      FAVORITE TRICK:  His patented Tippy-Toe Move.  When he wants you to chase him, he gives out a little cat cry, gets on his tippy-toes, and scampers away.

Cinnamon Cookie - AKA Saint Squeaky. Cinnamon came to us from a shelter when she was six months old. She had been abandoned outside, was covered with fleas and ticks, and fighting a serious infection. She's shy from having really bad things happen to her when she was young, but she wants to be around people all the time. She still 'Squeaks' when she's picked up, but if she climbs on your desk, she will roll over and beg you to rub her belly. Cinnamon is our Inventory Manager.

Cinnamon will stand on her hind legs and 'CATCH' post-its that have been rolled into a ball and thrown at her head.  She them bats them back to you perfectly.  She's not just good at this game, she's spectacular!

Alani Popoki - whose name means Orange Cat in Hawaiian -   AKA Pretty Boy.   Alani Popoki was adopted from a shelter when he was four months old.  Popoki passed away on June 30th, 2018, just two days shy of his 12th birthday.  He fought a very courageous 33 month long battle with cancer and other ailments which you can read about on his facebook page.  He is very deeply missed by everyone in the family.

FAVORITE TRICKS:  Popoki had dozens of tricks.  He would come when you called his name, coming running from wherever he was.  He would sit up and beg if he wanted a treat.  He would tap you gently on the forehead if he wanted to wake you up from a nap.  He loved to carry small snakes around the yard, putting them down in a different spot each time.


Juniper Mist (aka Junie B. Jones the lovable rascal, J.J. or just Juni) was adopted from a shelter in November, 2007. She was part of a large litter belonging to a stray cat that lived in the woods near someone's house. The people living there managed to rescue the entire litter from the cold outside - except for Juni! They were able to snag her two weeks later and brought her to a shelter. In spite of not having contact with people until she was four months old, Juni is a sweetie who will snuggle under the blanket with you if you let her and purrs away whenever you pet her. She collects paper clips, so Juni has been put in charge of Office Supplies and Purchasing.

FAVORITE TRICK: Sneaking into the linen closet with perfect timing so that you can't see her do it.  She claims that she becomes temporarily 'Indivisible' so that no one can ever see her do it.  We explained that while she is indeed, indivisible, that she probably had a different word in mind.

Juni makes up lots of words, and she still refers to Kamoa Moa as Mr. Kamoey every time she walks up to him, as in, "Mr. Kamoey, it's me Juni. Do you want some help eating your food?"

 Trade in your old smaller Mass Market PAPERBACK Mysteries, SCI-FI, Romance and Fiction Titles for store credit!

2018 Titles:  $ 1.00 each for books in very good condition
2017 Titles:  75 cents each / 2016 Titles: 50 cents each for books in very good condition
Older titles: 25-50 Cents each depending on condition and title
No pre-approval needed!  Smaller Mass Market Paperbacks only!  No hardcovers!!!  No Larger Trade Paperbacks!!!
NO Romance numbered series (small thin mass markets)

NO smoker's books Please!!!

 Send them via USPS Media Mail to:
Cozy Book Cellar
P.O. Box 435
Bellingham, MA 02019-0435

Caricature of Sue and Steve done by our niece, Missi.  FROM STEVE: No, really, I did almost look like the caricature just thirty years ago!  Also from Steve - Sue always has looked like this, and still does.  Apparently, only one of us is aging in the family!

Welcome to the home of Cozy Book Cellar. Please search or browse our inventory of affordable used books for reading pleasure! . If you can't find what you like please fill out our off-line search form and we will search our off-line inventory, other bookstores and book search services for you.

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Donation to the Maggie Fund - $10
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Grab Bag - 10 Children's Books
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