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Popoki was the ultimate store sales generator during his nearly twelve years.  If you click on his photo, you can visit his memorial facebook page and learn about his remarkable story.  He very bravely battled cancer and liver disease for a long time, but still managed to be the happiest cat in history.
We are very excited to have everyone meet our newest staff member - Biskit.  Biskit was adopted in April when he was ten months old.  He had been hiding from the world in a small cage and cubby hole for four months at a shelter.  You can read his story in staff biographies at the bottom of the page.


Newest worker Biskit lived in a shelter between six months and ten months old.  He was terrified of people and would hide in this little cubby hole any time someone came into the room he was living in.    Juni and Popoki shared a very small spot together back in the days when Juni was a kitten and Popoki was only a year old.  

Kamoa and Popoki could never have enough 'Together' time, especially during working hours.  When Popoki would decide it was time to stop working, he made sure you knew that it was time for everyone to stop working and would announce that the keyboard was now shutdown for the rest of the day.


The hard working crew refuels before the next work shift.   Juni reads her work instructions carefully to make sure she does her job correctly and earns bonus kibbles.


Sometimes Kamoa Moa has to entice Juni back to work with some well placed affection.  Biskit has already mastered the art of taking a break from the daily grind!


Cinnamon and Juni test out the different levels of the sofa to make sure all of them are equally comfortable.   Cinnamon personally tests the strength of every box to make sure it can hold all of the books plus one kitty.


Mr. Kamoa Moa the Magic Cat (AKA Big Guy, AKA Mr. K) was the first employee at Cozy Book Cellar. He was adopted from a Dog Pound, which luckily had taken in a few cats as well. He had been abandoned near a senior center and was skin and bones. He was so loved by the dog pound workers that they fed him Scooby snacks all day long for two months. Mr. K likes to be slung over your shoulder so he can purr away and pretend he's on a throne. He's a giant marshmallow, sweet as can be, handsome beyond any photo, dignified and definitely in charge of the crew. Mr. K is Shipping Manager. 

      FAVORITE TRICK:  His patented Tippy-Toe Move.  When he wants you to chase him, he gives out a little cat cry, gets on his tippy-toes, and scampers away.
Cinnamon Cookie - AKA Saint Squeaky. Cinnamon came to us from a shelter when she was six months old. She had been abandoned outside, was covered with fleas and ticks, and fighting a serious infection. She's shy from having really bad things happen to her when she was young, but she wants to be around people all the time. She still 'Squeaks' when she's picked up, but if she climbs on your desk, she will roll over and beg you to rub her belly. Cinnamon is our Inventory Manager.

Cinnamon will stand on her hind legs and 'CATCH' post-its that have been rolled into a ball and thrown at her head.  She them bats them back to you perfectly.  She's not just good at this game, she's spectacular!

Alani Popoki - a very brave and very happy cat whose name means Orange Cat in Hawaiian -   AKA Pretty Boy.   Alani Popoki passed away on June 30, 2018 and the hole left in our hearts when he left is offset only by the joy he filled them with in his nearly twelve years.  Alani Popoki was adopted from a shelter when he was four months old. He was a little shy around new people, but he loved to play and run around like a crazed cat. Popoki was the happiest cat you'll ever meet in spite of his illnesses and he was gentle beyond gentle. He even purred while getting his rabies vaccine! Popoki was our Sales Manager and all he had to do was look pretty to generate sales.  

FAVORITE TRICK:  Mr. Popoki had about 25 favorite tricks.  You can read about them on his facebook page.  If Popoki were still here, he would tell you: "Just remember, every act of kindness ripples forward through the universe forever."

Juniper Mist (aka Junie B. Jones the lovable rascal, J.J. or just Juni) was adopted from a shelter in November, 2007. She was part of a large litter belonging to a stray cat that lived in the woods near someone's house. The people living there managed to rescue the entire litter from the cold outside - except for Juni! They were able to snag her two weeks later and brought her to a shelter. In spite of not having contact with people until she was four months old, Juni is a sweetie who will snuggle under the blanket with you if you let her and purrs away whenever you pet her. She collects paper clips, so Juni has been put in charge of Office Supplies and Purchasing.

FAVORITE TRICK: Sneaking into the linen closet with perfect timing so that you can't see her do it.  She claims that she becomes temporarily 'Indivisible' so that no one can ever see her do it.  We explained that while she is indeed, indivisible, that she probably had a different word in mind.

Juni makes up lots of words, and she still refers to Kamoa Moa as Mr. Kamoey every time she walks up to him, as in, "Mr. Kamoey, it's me Juni. Do you want some help eating your food?"

Biskit is our newest family member and worker.  This was Biskit when he was about 8 months old when we first met him.  Biskit was caught accidentally in the wild when he was six months old by a volunteer trying to catch a pregnant cat.  Usually, he would have been neutered and then released back out to his colony, but he was so small that the volunteer decided to bring him into a shelter for safe keeping.  It took volunteers weeks before they could even see Biskit, who would hide in a small cubby in his cage.  We met Biskit when he was over 8 months old, and we visited him many times at the shelter before adopting him in April, 2019.  Biskit was very feral but gentle and mostly very scared. He would have a panic attack if you tried to pick him up. It took many, many hours and weeks of work, but now Biskit is just a normally little housecat.  We can pick him up without problem, he purrs away, sleeps on the sofa next to us at night, and loves working at the bookstore.  He is sweet, goofy, adorable and very loving.  

 Trade in your old smaller Mass Market PAPERBACK Mysteries, SCI-FI, Romance and Fiction Titles for store credit!

2019 Titles:  $ 1.00 each for books in very good condition
2018 Titles:  75 cents each / 2015/2017 Titles: 50 cents each for books in very good condition
Older titles: 25-50 Cents each depending on condition and title
No pre-approval needed!  Smaller Mass Market Paperbacks only!  No hardcovers!!!  No Larger Trade Paperbacks!!!
NO Romance numbered series (small thin mass markets)

NO smoker's books Please!!!

 Send them via USPS Media Mail to:
Cozy Book Cellar
P.O. Box 435
Bellingham, MA 02019-0435


Note - Shipping of Grab Bags and books that weigh over 2 lbs. to Canada and other countries need to have the shipping quoted separately
Note  Grab Bags are NOT available for Priority/Expedited Shipping


Caricature of Sue and Steve done by our niece, Missi.  FROM STEVE: No, really, I did almost look like the caricature just thirty years ago!  Also from Steve - Sue always has looked like this, and still does.  Apparently, only one of us is aging in the family!

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