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Image for Destination Success

Destination Success

By: Bain, Dwight

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Spire Books: 2009-12-01

Seller ID: 390692

ISBN: 0800787889

Condition: Very Good +

Remainder mark on bottom of book. 2009 reprint. View more info

Image for Relaxation Response, The

Relaxation Response, The

By: Benson, Herbert

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Avon Books: 1976-08-01

Seller ID: 389930

ISBN: 0380006766

Condition: Very Good -

Very Good Minus. View more info

Dutch for Travelers

By: Berlitz

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Berlitz:

Seller ID: 383559

Condition: Very Good

Book ONLY!! No cassette with this book. View more info

Killing Pablo

By: Bowden, Mark

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Atlantic Books: 2002-05-01

Seller ID: 390431

ISBN: 1903809487

Condition: Fair +

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Human Like Me, Jesus

By: Boyd, Malcolm

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Pyramid:

Seller ID: 386029

ISBN: 0515031070

Condition: Very Good

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By: Buscaglia, Leo

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Fawcett Crest: 1985-02-12

Seller ID: 386026

ISBN: 044920846X

Condition: Good

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By: Caidin, Martin

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Dell: 1961-01-01

Seller ID: 379824

Condition: Fair +

Multiple rough scratches on front cover, some cutting right through cover, otherwise very good. View more info

Edgar Cayce's Story of Karma

By: Cayce, Edgar

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Berkley: 1972-01-01

Seller ID: 389928

ISBN: 0425021882

Condition: Good -

Good Minus. 1972 printing. View more info

New Observers Book Of Warships, The

By: Cowin, Hugh W.

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Frederick Warne: 1981-01-06

Seller ID: 379813

ISBN: 0723216398

Condition: Very Good -

Very Good Minus. Highlighting on one page. View more info

Image for An Easy Guide to Meditation

An Easy Guide to Meditation

By: Davis, Roy Eugene

Price: $0.98

Publisher: CSA Press: 1995-02-01

Seller ID: 389929

ISBN: 0877072442

Condition: Very Good

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Image for Touchpoints for Leaders: God's Answers for Your Da

Touchpoints for Leaders: God's Answers for Your Da

By: Douglas J. Rumford

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers: 2004-09-01

Seller ID: 394053

ISBN: 0842351302

Condition: Good

Helping readers find what God has to say about their particular needs is what the TouchPoints series is all about. "TouchPoints for Leaders" puts God's words of encouragement and affirmation at the fingertips of today's Christian leaders. Each section starts with a key question, which is answered through Scripture, and ends with a promise from God's Word. View more info

Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient West

By: Drake, W. Raymond

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Signet: 1974-08-06

Seller ID: 391216

ISBN: 0451060555

Condition: Very Good

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Image for Bad Cat: 244 Not-So-Pretty Kitties And Cats Gone B

Bad Cat: 244 Not-So-Pretty Kitties And Cats Gone B

By: Edgar, Jim

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company: 2004-10-15

Seller ID: 393884

ISBN: 0761136193

Condition: Very Good +

Not since Kliban has there been a cat book this edgy. Edgy as in Bosco, the demonic Siamese with the out-of-focus eyes, razor-sharp fangs, and his own idea of Feng Shui. Or the half-shaved freak named Mr. Fliegel, who looks like a cross between a poodle and a lion. Mr. Fliegel shrugs and says, "Chicks dig me." Or Kato, resplendent in his Three Musketeers outfit: "One for all, blah blah blah . . . now just get me out of this @#%&ing costume " Or Clark, whose hobby is eati... View more info

What Do Women Want

By: Eichenbaum, Luise; Orbach, Susie

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Berkley: 1984-05-01

Seller ID: 391725

ISBN: 042506770X

Condition: Good

Occasional bracketing and notes. View more info

New Male, The

By: Goldberg, Herb

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Signet: 1980-08-05

Seller ID: 391760

ISBN: 0451093399

Condition: Good

Light notes in pencil. View more info

It's Who You Know: The One Relationship that Makes

By: Graham, Franklin

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers: 2002-10-01

Seller ID: 387122

ISBN: 0785264922

Condition: Very Good

The familiar phrase "it's who you know" is true for everyone; knowing the right people can make a difference in obtaining privileges, services, or assistance in daily life. However, not everyone has access to those in power here on earth. And no matter how many important people we might know, at some point we will not be acquainted with a "key person" who could help us in some way. The good news is that each of us can have continuous, personal access to the most im... View more info

Primer of Freudian Psychology, A

By: Hall, Calvin S

Price: $0.98

Publisher: A Mentor Book/ New American Library: 1954-01-01

Seller ID: 386028

Condition: Good

1954 copyright. Later reprint. View more info

Image for Civil War, The

Civil War, The

By: Hansen, Harry

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Signet: 2010-09-07

Seller ID: 389482

ISBN: 0451531663

Condition: Very Good

Presented in one comprehensive volume, this is the Civil War as it really was-the forces and events that caused it, the soldiers and civilians who fought it, and the ideas and values that are its legacy today. View more info

Down South: One Tour in Vietnam

By: Hardwick, William H.

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Presidio Press: 2004-08-03

Seller ID: 381668

ISBN: 0891418474

Condition: Good

"I was always happy to see first light.By first light it was over . . . "for a while.""-from "Down South" There were a lot of ways to get killed in Vietnam. You could get "zapped," "dinged," "burned," "popped," "smoked," or "wasted." Marine 2nd Lt. William H. Hardwick was familiar with all of them because, unlike most USMC artillery officers-who waged their war from bunkers inside protected compounds-Hardwick as a forward observer fought alongside rifle compa... View more info

Image for Sky of Stone

Sky of Stone

By: Hickam, Homer

Price: $0.98

Publisher: Dell: 2002-10-29

Seller ID: 381363

ISBN: 0440240921

Condition: Very Good +

Homer Hickam won the praise of critics and the devotion of readers with his first two memoirs set in the hardscrabble mining town of Coalwood, West Virginia. "The New York Times" crowned his first book, the #1 national bestseller October Sky, "an eloquent evocation ... a thoroughly charming memoir." And "People" called The Coalwood Way, Hickam's follow-up to October Sky, "a heartwarmer ... truly beautiful and haunting." Now Homer Hickam continues his extraordinary st... View more info